Feminism in 1918

1918 Court


This article was published on Page 8 of the El Paso Herald in 1918.  So much about it is fascinating.   Mary Schmidt, aka Mr Schmidt, was married her cousin, Anna Assade.  She wore trousers and posed as a man because she could earn more money.  The judge was apparently quite taken by her appearance, and felt that “If a woman can earn $4 a day by reason of wearing trousers, I say wear ’em”.

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Haute Couture in the Old Kingdom, Dynasty 4, reign of Khufu 2551–2528 B.C.


This beautiful beadnet dress was last worn over 4500 years ago.  The dress was discovered in a tomb in Giza, Egypt in 1927.  The strings had almost entirely rotted away, but the beads were well preserved, and enough of the pattern had survived for the dress to be reconstructed with new string.  This is the oldest known beadnet dress example.

It’s on view at the Boston Museum of Fine Arts in the Egypt: Old Kingdom Funerary Arts Gallery (Gallery 105B)

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