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Technical Stuff / Re: Private Artists Forum Requests
Please could I have a spot? Titled: The Singularity

I've had Scrivener for years, but have never been motivated to work out how to use it properly.  I did (well...attempted but fell short) the recent nanowrimo using simplenote :blush:
General Discussion / Re: Physical Books or eBooks?
e-books.  Can't see myself ever buying a paper book again.

Happy to read either on laptop or phone (larger screen phone).  I like being able to read in the wee hours without having to turn a light on.
Technical Stuff / Re: Private Artists Forum Requests
"artists forum" - does that encompass writing? 
good lord I should read other posts before I start typing... sorry!
13 seems young (says an aunt of a 13 year-old girl).  Is 18 too stuffy?

I'm totally lost on this copyright stuff (vis a vis me posting a pile of original shit that in a pipedream I could get published) but if there is protection offered by the above, then that's great.
General Discussion / Re: Welcome to Deep Thought!
Heya; hook me up with a subforum too, please? :)

Hi jussr!  What stuff do you do?
Technical Stuff / Re: Themes
thx, storm cloud is nice, have switched to it
Technical Stuff / Re: Tapatalk?
ah, k

for this type of forum, laptop > phone
Technical Stuff / Tapatalk?
Yay? Nay?
Technical Stuff / Re: Themes
um, no, Silence is too dark! Back to default, for me
Technical Stuff / Re: Test stuff here
Spoiler (click to show/hide)

Technical Stuff / Re: Themes
I'm trying the dark theme.  Though I do like the default one.
General Discussion / Re: Welcome to Deep Thought!
Hello!  Great to be here :)