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D&D / Re: D&D 5E Game Sign-up: The Hired Help
I think it's a lot easier for you to put aside and ignore what happens outside than it is for me, chaos.
D&D / Re: D&D 5E Game Sign-up: The Hired Help
Soooo... I'm going to assume I won't be playing this game, then.
D&D / Re: D&D 5E Game Sign-up: The Hired Help
Special Note: No spiders will be appearing in this game.

D&D / Re: Google Hang-outs
I dunno man, that sounds like it would require pants.
D&D / Re: "Winter of our Malcontents" PG & Chat Thread
I will definitely not get attached to my character or give them a backstory and an extended family tree.
D&D / Re: "Winter of our Malcontents" PG & Chat Thread
Works for me.  Maybe a good thing for us all at the moment in terms of time and energy levels would be with something less RP and more combat focused?  Dungeon crawl or the like?
D&D / Re: Google Hang-outs
Live?  How would that work?

This sounds different and scary!
D&D / Re: D&D Campaign Thread: Winter of our Malcontents
I sigh, pinching the bridge of my nose for a moment.  An interrogation it is, then.  "How long have you been... haunting him?" I ask to start.

I shrug. "More than day, less than a century? Ever tried to keep track of time when you're dead? Trust me, it isn't easy."
"Was he in command when first you arrived at the fort?" I ask.  "How much has he appeared to age since the beginning?  Estimate."
I sigh, pinching the bridge of my nose for a moment.  An interrogation it is, then.  "How long have you been... haunting him?" I ask to start.
"No," I reply chillingly, and fold my hands, waiting for her to continue.
I take a long moment to consider before answering.

"The obvious answer is that there is a pretence of some sort in this situation," I say finally.  "Apart from why, the question seems to be - whom is it for?  Who is meant to believe that the general - or his own superiors, perhaps - desire secrecy when that is not the case?  And is it the secret nature of our task that was intended to fail, or the task itself?  Should it end with the mission uncompleted, or completed and known?"

I shrug slightly.  "I have only met the man briefly, myself, and received my transfer orders in writing; I must confess myself to be at something of a disadvantage in trying to ascertain the answers to these questions.  But I gather that we do have someone here who has a more extended acquaintance with him, yes?"  I transfer my gaze over to Mari as I finish speaking.
"See that you do not," I reply, settling back in my seat once more and returning my gaze to Olegov.
The mirth drops from my expression as I lean forward.  "You are nothing, Palatinate, until I say otherwise.  A common soldier in this army, unmissed and easily replaced.  And make no mistake; I allow this line of questioning so far as it pertains to the task before us, but carry it too far, and you will indeed be replaced.  Neither I, your captain, nor your corporal cares to hear your opinion on our tone, and if you wish to impress me with your capacity for acceptable judgement, I suggest you start by applying a modicum of such judgement to just how freely you choose to exercise your permission to speak."
"You and I are the last two original members of our mission team."

[Poor Val]
There is silence for a long moment as I sit, expressionless.

Then I bark out a laugh, genuinely amused.  "Gods, woman, that is what you have been stewing about?  I suppose you would claim my identification papers could be forged, were I to show you them.  Well, your captain was satisfied enough with the veracity of my letter of introduction - unless this is a matter that concerns you as well, Captain?" I ask Olegov, an edge of derisiveness in my tone.

Paranoid little thing, that elf.  A useful enough trait in a soldier, if properly controlled, but not one that we have either the time or the means to indulge at present, even were I so inclined.
"Now," I continue.  "Our work for the day.  This is the obvious route towards our destination, and it may be that we can find some information on those lost soldiers here - what do we know of them at present?"
My annoyance morphs into bemusement as I cock my head to the side and regard the ghost for a moment, before shaking it slightly and drawling, "I suppose she started following me and will not go away has the benefit of being both comprehensive and accurate, as explanations go."
"If we do not wish to invite speculation that risks the secrecy of this task, we do need to provide plausible explanations," I reply, starting to become slightly annoyed. 
"Useful," I reply briskly.  "Regardless of how we handle your... metaphysical status, we still need to explain your presence with me, however.  And, indeed, my business here; I come to this region to visit my intended, and she certainly has no need of a ghost."
I roll my eyes, but then say thoughtfully, "My own magic has something of a concealing effect on me, much of the time; we could perhaps pass your own appearance off as a simple magical effect without getting into the details."
"We were told to respect the chain of command, except for addressing each other by rank or saluting."

"Irregular," I reply, frowning slightly.  "But if General ir'Dulinch so commands, very well.  As to our identities here and as we travel, there is little point to my pretending to be anyone other than whom I am; I was in this very town when I received my orders, and pass through the area commonly enough on personal business.  Master Olegov I can introduce as a friend of the family or travelling companion, while Valenae and Palatinate will do as attendant and guard; I sent my manservant on before taking up this command, and will be expected to have one.  The ghost remains a difficulty," I say, my frown deepening.
[Arcana check for whether anything seemed off to me about the dream? 17+11=28]

"Now," I say over breakfast in the private dining area, neatly cutting into my gammon steak.  "Explain to me this secret mission business.  You were told to hide your allegiance to the military?"
"Mmm," I acknowledge, not overly concerned by this vague report.  Black market dealings or the like, perhaps.  "Show us to the inn, then, Valenae," I say, and we follow where he leads.  Before entering, I hand my reins over to Palatinate and order, "Join us once you have seen to the beasts and our belongings," though I take my satchel myself.
"Strange in what manner?" I ask, one eyebrow lifting.  "The location, the people, the building itself?"
"Mari," I state, turning to the ghost as we wait.  "That is your full name?"