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"Funds are always welcome, provided they don't come at too high a cost to my hide."  Though I ignore the implications behind the word "flexible", I do wonder what she's heard about the elasticity of my morals when it comes to a paying side job.
I wait until the barmaid returns with the lady's drink before taking another sip of my ale.

"I'm honored.  And curious who would send one such as you to this godsforsaken establishment at the ass-end of nowhere."
I rise hastily and sketch a bow.  "T'is I, would you join me?"  I catch the barman's eye, and note the quick gleam of avarice as he reconsiders the likely take for my table.
Eyes half closed, I stare sleepily across the main room of the inn into the fire crackling merrily on the hearth.  A warm meal, a hot tub of water and a good night's sleep on a lumpy mattress sounds infinitely better than my recent sad lack of roofed accommodations.  My purse is slim, but adequate, and I have high hopes of a significant addition to the remainder of my wages before the sun rises.

I search the room with a sweeping glance wondering if the party I am to meet is already here somewhere among the gruff and grubby patrons lounging on benches or bellied up to the bar.

An observer would see Ivello Balich, a slight and wiry half-elf in his early 20s, dressed somewhat fastidiously for a soldier of his lowly rank.  His black hair is combed and caught neatly in a braid, and his beard is recently trimmed.  His hands have callouses in all the right places, though his nails are trimmed and grime-free.  His short cloak has seen better days, but the embroidered trim shows remnants of rich colors.
Artists' Projects / Re: April Camp Nanowrimo
I met my goals for April's Nano, though last week was a bit of a struggle.

I did a full edit of my novel.  There's a ton yet to do, but this edit put things into good shape for beta readers to go through.  I wrote 16 blog articles in April.  It worked out to 3 articles per week on average on my main blog, and 2 additional articles on the food blog.

I had a bunch of other writing related projects for the month that didn't directly involve writing - networking with other writers, reading articles on the business end of writing - publishing and promoting, and I began a study of writers blogs that are excellent at engaging readers and creating a small community around their work.  C. J. Cherryh does an amazing job at this.  Her blog is visually very busy looking with hardly any white space at all, but she has a very dedicated following of readers who chat with her and with each other.  You don't just snap your fingers and make something like that happen, but I feel like there are some learnings for me in what she and other writers do to engage their readers.
General Discussion / Re: Fodder
D&D / Re: New campaign signup!
I might be able to join a little late, in a couple weeks.

Drow Carey?

D&D / Re: New campaign signup!
I might be able to join a little late, in a couple weeks.
Artists' Projects / Weekly Writers Roundup
This is the first of an ongoing series of blog entries that I plan to post weekly.  May be of interest to the writers among us.

Weekly Writer's Roundup

The series will consist of links to useful articles I find about writing, publishing and promoting.

Artists' Projects / Re: April Camp Nanowrimo
omg omg omg I'm getting ready to send a short novel out to beta readers.

Equal parts scared and excited!
Artists' Projects / Re: April Camp Nanowrimo

There's another Camp Nanowrimo that's always in July.

This year, I'm kinda transitioning to a year-round writing schedule.    A daily schedule doesn't work, but weekly goals is working pretty well.  It makes the task less monolithic looking.  I'm incorporating writing side-projects, too, and research about the writing industry or author/reader/middlemen ecosystem as it's currently evolving.

I've decided to publish a weekly round-up of articles on self-publishing vs traditional, promotion, etc on my blog. It's mostly for my own benefit, but it may be useful to others, also.
General Discussion / Re: Fodder
This tumbler blog has some fodderish images for the steampunk-minded.  She has some music playing so turn your sound down before clicking if music on webpages bothers you. (I usually hate music on blogs, but this wasn't bad).
D&D / Re: New campaign signup!
Thanks.  I'll have a look tomorrow.
Artists' Projects / Re: April Camp Nanowrimo
Day 1 - 1856 words.  655 words worth of blog article, and 1201 words worth of fairy tale.
D&D / Re: New campaign signup!
ranger-bard sounds interesting

Do you have access to the 4E character creator?

I don't have any idea what I used last time.
D&D / Re: New campaign signup!
ranger-bard sounds interesting
D&D / Re: New campaign signup!

I never did figure out how to calculate actions last time. :/
Technical Stuff / Recent time-outs are resolved
During the last few days, the whole site, including this forum, has been slow due to a software problem the web host was working on.  Here's the deets

We have, unfortunately, been experiencing issues with the S1 server over the last week. We believe the issue to be in the LiteSpeed Web Server Software on S1.

We have configured the server to switch to Apache+LSAPI [keeping many of the benefits of LiteSpeed, while using Apache at the core]. This should have been seamless but I personally failed to communicate this to our team effectively resulting in them working to restore LSWS when I switched it to Apache.
Ultimately the miscommunication on my part is the reason for the outage.
We are testing/monitoring the server's performance with Apache 2.4 + MPM Event.  One of the primary reasons we switched away from Apache many years ago was due to how resource intensive and bloated Apache was to accomplish the same goals.  At the time we were limited to systems with 2 to 8 GB of ram so being conservative of resources was a huge benefit and being faster was great as well.
At this point we're running machines with 100GB of ram or more - often 20 to 50GB of ram just not doing anything at all.  As such we don't mind so much the extra resource usage of Apache if it performs better/more reliable than LiteSpeed.
Many of the issues we've faced over the last 6 months have been LiteSpeed related - be it compatible with CentOS7 or simply bugs we've found and had to work to have resolved.
If you have any issues with any of your sites please let us know.

The site is pretty zippy now.  Hopefully it will stay that way.
Artists' Projects / Re: April Camp Nanowrimo
Hey it looks like I can already add/invite people to a cabin.   Send your account name to me and we can see if it works.
Artists' Projects / Re: April Camp Nanowrimo
I'll be participating in this camp nanowrimo under the name oblivion_dt.  I plan to set up a private cabin as soon as allowed, which is in 12 days, I think.

If you want to join the cabin, let me know your nanowrimo account name either here or by private message, and I'll send you an invite.
Artists' Projects / Re: April Camp Nanowrimo

A virtual cabin!

Up to twelve writers group together and pool their wordcount goals and progress.

I did Camp Nanowrimo last summer.  It was a mixed experience.  Most of the cabin didn't participate very visibly.  With an active group for cabin-mates I think there would be value to the experience.  Writing is a solo exercise most of the time, and often feels lonely and even isolating.
General Discussion / Re: Fodder