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D&D / Re: D&D Campaign Thread: Winter of our Malcontents
I sigh, pinching the bridge of my nose for a moment.  An interrogation it is, then.  "How long have you been... haunting him?" I ask to start.

I shrug. "More than day, less than a century? Ever tried to keep track of time when you're dead? Trust me, it isn't easy."
"Oh, well", I say. Not the most talkative guy ever, our new commander.
"Well," I reply, "he doesn't have much of a sense of humour. That doesn't really help, does it?"
"Fine", I say, crossing my arms and glaring at the table.
"Right, because we're all identical," I retort. "Look, I'm not 'a ghost'; I'm me. We don't need to explain a damn thing, any more than we need to explain why anyone else is where they are."
"Or we could just go with 'yeah, I'm a ghost, get over it'," I reply. "Speaking of your magic, what actually is it?"
"We could just say I had a slight accident with an invisibility potion," I suggest.
"Corporal, inquire about as to a decent inn," I order, deciding he is more likely than Palatinate to share my view of what may be considered decent.  I survey our surroundings as I add, "One with a private dining room available.  Ghost..."  I sigh.  "You are entirely too conspicuous.  Have you no way of disguising your nature?"

"I could tell people I'm not a ghost," I reply helpfully. "Other than that, nope. Oh, speaking of disguises, did you forget this is supposed to be a secret mission? Names, not ranks."
"I see. I... ah... Yes. I do realize that. Hmm..."

I scratch my beard thoughtfully.

"But most who have died tend not to... linger. Do you choose to remain? Are you compelled to remain?"

"Honestly? No idea," I reply. "I'm not even sure how I'd go about finding out. How do you choose to just...not be?"
At the sergeant's departure, I find myself standing alone. With a ghost.


"...Mari? Is it?"

"Why are you... a ghost?"

Odd question.

"Well, I, uh...died."
"That's...complicated," I reply. "Even I don't understand it all. I'm not physically bound to it; there doesn't seem to be anything stopping me from going as far away as I like. I just don't like to. It's important I stay close to it."
Technically it's only advisory, but I can't see the government going against it.
"I don't need sleep," I reply. "I do need to rest to recover my strength after that fight, but I'm good to keep watch through the night."
I set out to find the thing that calls itself Mari.

[Mari is hanging around outside, in plain sight.]
Seeing everybody else otherwise occupied, I pop the journal down in front of me and start leafing through it.

[Insight check on the contents: 20 + 14 = 34]
"Bind?" I retort. "I'm a ghost, not a devil. Now, I could promise you that I will disregard my moral compass and do as you instruct, but it would be a lie. Would you prefer that? Guessing 'no'. So perhaps you should simply trust that General ir'Dulinch knew what he was doing when he sent me along, Lieutenant Colonel."
I look at him quizzically. "Were you planning on doing bad things?"
"Relax, buddy," I say with a smile. "As long as you're doing good things, we'll get along fine."
"And why have you - attached yourself to this group?" Karlach asks, seemingly curious.

"Doing a friend a favour," I reply. "Also, I was bored."
"Well, sort of?" I reply. "In the sense that I'm coming along, yes. In the sense that I take orders from you, no. Think of me as an...independent consultant, maybe."
"I died," I inform the new guy. "Then I got better. Ish."
"Uh, Val?," I say quietly. "Are you forgetti...oh, never mind."
"Yeah, I got tools in the...seriously, is that a GHOST?" the drover asks.  She makes a sign of warding.

"You know that doesn't actually do anything, right?"
Seeing that everybody else is, if not free, at least free enough to escape, I head for the exit, lifting the journal into the air and carrying it out with me. Not a whole lot else left I can do to help, really.
Oleg's good advice about obtaining oxygen is helpful to those of you who still need to breathe.