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Index of Private Artists Project Forums
These forums don't show up in the main index for guests and non-subscribed members because they are private.  The member who requested the forum is the moderator (by default), and members whose join requests can read and post in the forums.  I'll update this post with new private artist forums to make them easier to learn about.

Forum NameOwnerMember GroupCurrently accepting new members?
Gideon SagaOblivionGideon ReadersYes
Staying Frosty: Alaska PhotographyTeshiTeshi's GroupYes
Jussr's ForumJussriJussr's Group
The SingularitynostrumNostrum's Group

Use this thread to request your own private forum.  The thread also has instructions on how to apply to join an existing forum.  Forum owners will decide who actually gets to join.
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