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Writers' tools
Part of this conversation may lead to ideas about features needed for this site as a whole or for the forum, but it doesn't need to be restricted to forum tools.

I've been using Scrivener to write, revise and reorganize my novel.  I used the nanowrimo trial version last November, and purchased a licensed version in December.  It's a great platform for dealing with a huge unwieldy pile of text, and handles export to various manuscript formats like a charm.

For getting feedback on excerpts, I've been using Google docs.  It's not ideal, mostly because text formatting in Scrivener gets lost in the copy/paste.

A better way to distribute excerpts and maintain some modicum of control would be great!

Re: Writers' tools
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Heh.  I've been using Open Office, copy/paste to move stuff, and export to pdf for what I send people to look at, which is... not ideal, so I'll be seeing what others suggest too.

Re: Writers' tools
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I've had Scrivener for years, but have never been motivated to work out how to use it properly.  I did (well...attempted but fell short) the recent nanowrimo using simplenote :blush:

Re: Writers' tools
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Have a wheel of feelings!  Someone posted this on my facebook feed, and I immediately saved it for my "I've used the same word three times in the last page, whoops" moments.