Holiday Gifts for the Writers in your Life

Are you stumped this year on gifts for your writer friends? I can help! Choosing gifts for writers may seem like a daunting task, but there are so many essentials and nice-to-haves to choose from.

We’ll Start With Old School.

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In Search of a Critique Partner. Could you be the one?

Hello Fellow Writer!

I am working on what I hope is the final revision of a novel I wrote a few years ago.  It’s time to commit to publishing the story this year.  To accomplish that, I need a critique partner.

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Samuel R. Delany on Plot Thickening — Author Toolbox

Plot thickening is tricky business.

I learned to love excellent writing by reading great authors of my favorite genres. But, reading novels didn’t teach me how to write one. One of my favorite authors wrote a book about writing, including plot thickening, and that book, in a roundabout way, is the subject of this article.

Nano Blog and Social Media Hop

This article is part of the incomparable Raimey Gallant’s Author Toolbox Bloghop. Be sure to check out the other great articles in this series!

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May Day: First Fruits of the Season

Maypole Dances

A gaggle of girls from ages 4 to 12 are clothed in pretty dresses with flowers woven into their hair.  They giggle, squeal, point and hug each other on this gorgeous late spring May Day.  The older girls, with help from some of the moms, get the group organized.  Each girl holds a bright ribbon attached to a tall Maypole erected in the park.  The music starts.

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Arkansas: This Week in State-Sanctioned Killings

The Death Lottery

Arkansas’ attorney general and governor decided to kill eight death row inmates before the state’s precious (and questionable) supply of death-dealing drugs expires at the end of this month.  This decision set off state-level, national and international public outcries, and a mad scramble to appeal and defend the execution decisions.

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