Writer or Author?

The terms “writer” and “author” are used nearly interchangeably, so why choose to call oneself one over the other?

Vintage Typewriter
About Writing

Writing is not necessarily something to be ashamed of, but do it in private and wash your hands afterwards.

– Robert A. Heinlein

For me, it comes down to this: Writing is something you do. You pour words out on your keyboard to form stories, essays, articles, poems, etc. Writing is active, forward-looking, and a writer is something you cease to be when you stop writing. Authoring is something you have done – It’s backward-looking, an accomplishment, a legacy. You have something in print or e-print, with your name or nom de plume on the cover. You will be an author forever, long after you stop writing, should you do so.

I am a writer.

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Weekly Writer’s Roundup Volume 1 – Articles about Writing, Publishing and Promoting

Looking for something to read this weekend?  Want to learn what’s up in the world of professional and near-professional writing and authorship?  I’ve got you covered.

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Weekly Writer’s Roundup!  Each Friday, I’ll publish a list of articles about writing I’ve found, enjoyed and from which I’ve learned something.  Happy reading!

Vintage Typewriter
Vintage Typewriter

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Useful Stuff for the Indie Author Part 1 | C.S. Wilde

I ran across this blog article by C. S. Wilde in my wanderings today, and found it thought-provoking.  I’m still in revision mode with miles to go before I sleep.  I can hardly look out far enough to focus on the eventual task of finding beta readers.  Once in a while I think ahead to blurbs, book covers, etc., but it’s inscrutable.  I brush the thoughts away with an assurance to self:  “It surely will all make more sense when I get to that point”

This article and others like it shine a light on the path ahead.

As an indie author, I focus most of my budget on editing. One, because I want to get a FANTASTIC book out there, and two, indies in general have a bad reputation. And that bugs me. Some of us put r…

Source: Useful Stuff for the Indie Author Part 1 | C.S. Wilde

The Griffin Warrior

There is a grave near Pylos that dates back to Mycenaean Greece.  The grave goods document something that is well known about Mycenaean Greece: the cultural and trade exchanges that occurred between Greece and Crete at the time.  Nearby lie the ruins of the Palace of Nestor, first discovered in an olive grove in 1939.  Though this palace was destroyed by fire long ago, it is the most complete and well-preserved Bronze Age Greek palace found to date.

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