Weekly Writer’s Roundup Volume 1 – Articles about Writing, Publishing and Promoting

Looking for something to read this weekend?  Want to learn what’s up in the world of professional and near-professional writing and authorship?  I’ve got you covered.

Welcome to the inaugural issue of Weekly Writer’s Roundup!  Each Friday, I’ll publish a list of articles about writing I’ve found, enjoyed and from which I’ve learned something.  Happy reading!

Vintage Typewriter
Vintage Typewriter


Three Ways To Add the Sizzle to Fiction That’s Fizzled

– Kristen Lamb

Some good writerly advice on the many ways to insert oomph into a lagging plot.

Grand Finales: Tips for Writing Great Endings of Novels

– C. S. Lakin

How do you wrap up your story?  As I read this article, I thought about the final 2 or 3 pages of many of my favorite novels.  I’ve learned by example. This article gives a bit of insight into how and why those novels made a lasting final impression.


Self Publishing – It’s About Breaking The Rules

It’s about content, delivered in a plethora of different formats on many, many devices.  If you limit your publication efforts to Amazon, you won’t reach potential readers on other platforms.  Forget sage advice.  We’re all explorers on these new seas.  Find what works for you.

Real Writers Don’t Self-Publish—Part 2

– Kristen Lamb

Contrary to the title, this article is about why real writers do self-publish

Poor Twitter Growth Is Bad News For Self Published Authors

– Just Publishing Advice

How the outlook for Twitter’s continuing growth impacts writers’ ability to reach their potential readers.

How the outlook for Twitter’s continuing growth impacts writers’ ability to reach their potential readers.

Does Twitter Spam Sell Books?

– Just Publishing Advice

The answer is “Yes”, but do it carefully and well.  One suggestion was to have one or more separate twitter accounts for “spamming” links to buying your novel.

How To Promote Yourself As An Author

– Just Publishing Advice

You’re a writer first, not an eBook-seller.  Promote yourself that way.

Promotional Writing For Writers

– Derek Haines

Good advice for online promotional writing with an eye toward SEO.

How to Get Your Book into More Categories on Amazon with Keywords

– Lindsay Buroker

This is an older article, but the topic is new to me, and I hope it will be extremely relevant in the not too distant future!

How Free Ebooks Make Money – But Not For Authors

– Derek Haines

But, the article gives you a roadmap for making money from your free (and not free) eBooks.

A Little of This, a Little of That

The Unfair Truth About How Creative People Succeed

– Jeff Goins

This article explores a systems approach to creativity.  Networking is about more than promotion – it’s about inspiration, mentoring, and shaping oneself and others.  Though published in November, 2015 it makes the inaugural list because the article is new to me, and I found many of the points he made quite relevant to some of the issues I face as I attempt to make the leap from hobbyist to full-time published writer.


If you read (or write!) an article you’d like to see in the Writer’s Weekly Roundup, let me know via Twitter, Facebook, or comment to the blog.

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2 thoughts on “Weekly Writer’s Roundup Volume 1 – Articles about Writing, Publishing and Promoting”

  1. This was so helpful! I know where to go, now, for helpful tips on many of the aspects of writing. We’re inundated on social media with too much information. You condensed much of the most important stuff for us, so we don’t have to search so hard. I’m kind of hard headed, anyway, and often don’t want to take the hard-line type of advice. I like hearing it from you. And sometimes I think it’s OK to break the rules, as long as we know that there might be SEO consequences. I do that sometimes. Thanks again, M.C. Frye.

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